Mutant A Day brings you various pop culture related news, reviews and interviews! Join Rueben, Aaron M., and Antony on our podcast; The Mutant A Day Podcast.

Aaron M. joined Mutantaday on October 4th 2009!  As part of the crew he specializes in DC . He especially loves Teen Titans and the batfamily books! His dive into comics has lead  to Marvel where he reads the X-Titles as well, in particular X-Men Legacy and the Runaways. If he could have a super power it would be earth bending. By the way did I mention his affinity for Nickelodeon’s Air Bender?

Rueben is the creator of He loves a good X title, but also spends a good amount of time reading books involving Batgirl, Etrigan, Wonder Woman and Night Wing! If he could have any super power it would be weather control as his favorite X-Man  has always been Storm!  He loves podcasting, photography and endless amounts of pizza and chicken wings! Oh and he loves his fellow pod-casters Aaron M. & Antony!

Antony joined the crew in early 2012! He thinks about X-Men practically every other minute, even naming his cat after the bisexual, evil son of Wolverine. His favourite comic book arc is Blinded By The Light by Mike Carey. Antony already a superpower – his teeth feel neither hot, nor cold. Enter FROSTBITE!!

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