Don’t Pull the Plug on Powerless

PowerlessVanessa Hudgens you guys. I promise I won’t go on and on about how much I despised her back in her High-School Musical, dating Zac Efron, not having it together days, but I did. She was the worst. I didn’t understand why she kept on keeping on, ya know “acting”.

Fast forward and like most young people she just needed to find herself. Turns out playing the ethnically ambiguous lovelorn lead teen in a high school musical with other post brace face young actors was really not her thing. She needed to play the Grace-esque, obsessive do-gooder-awkward-over-achiever that is somewhat annoying. That’s where she really shines.

No joke. I actually really enjoy her in NBC’s Powerless. Not to mention the rest of the cast, Danny Pudi, Ron Funches, Jennie Pierson and of course Alan Tudyk, who portrays the incredibly annoying, Van Wayne, cousin of Bruce Wayne. May a house fall on him. For me however, the standout star of the show is really Christina Kirk, a.k.a. Jackie, Van’s executive assistant. She gives me life in the way Daria did back in my high school years. She’s the type of character who wouldn’t think twice about randomly setting your desk on fire while you were at it, only for you to realize later than she was only doing it because she overheard that you wanted a new one. Her methods are beyond.

While the first episode had me weary of the show, the next few were surprisingly pleasant. Powerless is light, pleasant fan-service. It’s fun and silly, and frankly refreshing among all of the serious super shows saturating stations nowadays.  (See what I did there?) I’m not saying you should give up your life for it, but it’s worth the view if for nothing else, than to see what they introduce into their office from the DC Universe.

You can watch Powerless on NBC.


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