Justice League vs. Teen Titans

Aaron M. and I (Rueben) are always excited about a D.C. animated film. Most are pretty good compared to the live action films, and bonus, we get to embrace the hermit and watch it at home.

First off, this is not a new story. You’ve seen it before. A tale as old as time. (Ahem, Barry) Any who, teenage assassin is out of control and is sent to a boarding school of sorts, (Titans Tower), to learn how to play well with others. Will that kid ever learn? Boy meets girl, girl’s father is Trigon. Craziness ensues. This is seriously how Aaron M. and I met.

The movie centers around Damien Wayne. Who is unsurprisingly the absolute worst. Let’s get real though. I have seen him in other animated movies and his character is by far the most deplorable in this one. Can we talk about how much I wanted smack baby Robin across the face throughout the entirety of the movie? Can we also talk about how I wanted Starfire to smack him across the face in every scene they were in together. She should have. Moving on we see Raven dealing with her literal inner demons, a.k.a., her father, while she and baby Robin develop a kinship and take on the big bad while showing the Just-us League that they are all big boys and girls now. Ahh, to be young! Over all it’s a fun movie. Worth the buy/rent. Check the trailer below!


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