Jessica Jones; Why subscribing to Netflix is the best decision of your life

No spoilers here. Jessica Jones has delivered on everything you thought Krysten Ritter would bring to a hero-genre series and more. Not a Ritter fan? Never heard of her before now? I suggest you take a short ride back in time [via Netflix] and check out any episode of Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23 or hell even go back further to a rand-o episode of Gilmore Girls where she plays one of Rory’s sassy prep school classmates. It’s there…you know what I’m talking about. Sharpe wit, cutting stare. It seems like Jessica Jones bootcamp.

While lead cast mates, Ritter, Colter and Tennant have chemistry to spare, it’s the supporting cast that do a wonderful job of making you love, hate, or sincerely hope they are getting the therapy [mental or physical] they need. Stand outs for me include Eka Darville who plays adorable and endearing as a 2015 Basquiat-esque do-gooder turned zombie junkie turned do-gooder neighbor, Malcolm and Colby Minifie as the ever crazy/nosey neighbor Robyn. She is the kind of character I want to show up at all future conservative republican conventions.

Oh, and here are some pictures of Mike Colter…cause you know, he-so-fine. [photos via]

Ok, go watch now. 13 episodes. Couch. Pie. Netflix.


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