The State of America Part II!

You are probably asking yourself, “Did I miss Part 1?”. Nay you did not! It’s HERENow that you’re back from reading some Miss America Chavez goodness, I say to you all Happy Fourth of July!

rainbow flag sliderMutant A Day has so many things to be thankful for on this day when celebrating independence and everything that should, would and now does come with it, including the ongoing battle for equality across the states for all people.

In short, We gettin’ married y’all! And not just “gay married”, but SCOTUS ruled, for real, totally legal in all the states for same-sex couples, married. Marriage is marriage for all! For those of you who have followed Mutant A Day over the years, and listened to the podcast as well, you know that this blog/cast is gay owned and operated by soon-to-be husbands Aaron M. and Rueben [that’s me]. We are truly happy to share the news as we get things lined up for the big day!

Happy Fourth!


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